Hennkwell Ind. Co., Ltd.

Application: electric shutter, blinds, medical devices, home application, vending machines, security locking system, water dispensers, robotics, automatic ticketing systems, business machines, any popular electrical devices / applications, etc.

Founded in 1995, Hennkwell Ind. Co., Ltd., the professional DC geared motors manufacturers, is specialized in research & development, manufacturing and sales of the Miniature DC Gear Motor. 

By way of repeated implementation, the operating mode of Hennkwell's production and manufacturing lines has developed a set of internal processes to allow operators to achieve consistent quality standards. In addition, the SOP contains these operating standards and operating norms to serve as a reference for our operators. Since official records and related forms, diagrams and illustrations of environmental testing, life testing reports, etc. are included. Hennkwell is able to provide a high level of expertise for our customers' product design. This, of course, can be customized to bring out the best in all of our products to increase their competitiveness.

In order to implement the "high quality" and "high efficiency" manufacturing indicators of various types of motors, such as DC Planetary Gear Motor, Micro DC Gear motor, Coreless DC Gear Motor and so on. We attach great importance to the process inspection steps and continue to strengthen the lineup of manufacturing and processing equipment as well as computer-based processes. 

Beyond this, we have established comprehensive production processes and improved traditional technologies. The application of our production equipment and computer technology fully enhances work efficiency, production quality and interchangeability of components so that our products will shine in the industry in terms of product technology, quality, maintenance, and life span. As a result, our products will have higher competitive advantage in the international market.

All Hennkwell micro electric motors with or without gearbox can be customized to fit your special requirements. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, we are always ready to modify a completely new one for your application. Your inquiry along with the specifications and drawings are most welcome. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time to share your ideas and comments with our company.

A popular list of products that have utilized the application of our motor series includes:

  • Electric Shutter Venetian blinds
  • Vending machines
  • Medical devices
  • Electric locks
  • Robot kits
  • Water dispensers
  • Water valves
  • Gaming machines
  • Automatic ticketing systems
  • Business machines
  • And any popular electrical devices / applications, etc.
We continue to strive for growth and competitive research & development. We provide both planetary gear motors and spur gear motors to meet the special needs of all our customers. As a result of this, our products are diversified and have stable quality.

Our operational goals aim to apply stringent quality control of the raw materials used to manufacture all of our motors and gearboxes. With this stringent process flow, the application of our dynamic quality control system continues to develop products that have earned a high-level of respect from all of Hennkwell's domestic and foreign customers. Our company not only offers more than 20 types of motor series, but it has also obtained the European CE certification and is in line with RoHS standards. With a large production capacity and impressive sales targets across various industries, Hennkwell exports products mainly to Europe, America, and other regions.