Notes of Precautions Before Mounting DC Gear Motor

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Hennkwell Notes of Precautions Before Mounting DC Gear Motor Introduction

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Notes of Precautions Before Mounting DC Gear Motor


Before using a gear motor, make sure you follow the instructions and precautions as followed.

Inappropriate installation or usage will cause the gearbox/motor to break down.


1)Please do not strike a gear or sprocket into the output shaft by hand or hammer or something similar. It can cause the shaft to be bent or damaged and shorten the bearing's life.

2)Please do not modify the shaft, please inform Hennkwell to perform this procedure.

Motor Connecting and Operation to your Application

1)If the machine where the motor is connected to, generates strong vibration or shock's. It can damaged the motor, in this case, a cushion will be required to solve this issue.

2)When using a chain or a belt, and if a stopper is installed at the area where the product stops by being against the stopper during the transmission.

Please pay extra attention to the proper adjustment of the correct degree of the shaft.It is crucial to the length of the motor's life.

3)Please make sure there is no over-loading on the shaft when using the motor, the permissible load will be advised on our dynamic test report as a guideline. It is available upon request. When mounting the shaft, when mounting your machine to the motor's shaft,please mount as close to the root of the shaft as possible.

4)Be careful so there is no excessive tightness on the chain and belt. Both too loose or too tight can cause vibration or excessive pressure that could damage the motor.

5)During installing gear motors, do not use wrenches or the other tools to adjust the designed angle or fixture of output shaft While POWER-OFF. The proper way to adjust the angles is under condition of "POWER-ON". To avoid the damage of gearbox, please ensure the motor is electrified once you intend to adjust the angles of output shaft.

6)When soldering to connect the power lead on the (+)&(-) terminals,the soldering time should be completed within 3 seconds for the purpose to avoid too much soldering leftover sticking on the metallic bottom of the motor.

(Tips: the temperature of solder head had better control between 340゚C ~ 400゚C)

7)Do not operate the motor at an higher voltage than on the label.

Gearbox Maintenance

1)Make sure there is no dust, fluid that penetrate inside the gearbox. If the motor is going to be condition,working under humid condition please kindly equip the motor with a plastic tube or cover to protect the motors.

2)Please do not overload on the gearbox, for acceptable range of loading,please refer to our dynamic test report, which is available upon request.

3)To avoid the damage of gearbox or break the driving shaft, please do not perform any machining such drilling,cutting and broaching on the shaft or any other parts without consulting Hennkwell.

Motor Usage and Maintenance

1)Do not decompose the motor parts, the characteristics will change.

2)When the brush of the motor has been worn out, the insulation resistance will be reduced.Therefore please measure it regularly.

3)Please make sure the screws or bolt being used to mount the motor has enough depth,otherwise the vibration will damage the motor.

4)Please do not attempt to change the running direction (polarity) while the motor is rotating, please turn-off the power, make sure the motor stopped completely at least 5 seconds, and then change the running direction.(CW/CCW)

5)If working under a application with unstable current supply and high temperature, please add an over-heat protector or a over-current protector to protect the motor.

6)When the motor is working under a supply current or supply voltage that is under therecommended value,it will decrease the torque and speed. In another words, if the motor works at the current or voltage above the recommended value, it might damage the motor. Please operate the motor at its recommended supply current and voltage.

Other cautions

Please ensure that to further improve our products, specifications, the method of use of our products and so on described in this catalogue may be change without any notice.

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