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Small DC Geared Motor Application

We, Hennkwell Ind. Co., Ltd. produce and export high quality DC brush miniature gear motors for many years in Taiwan. Our DC gearmotors have many different configurations are available for using in a wide variety of applications such us motorized dc venetian blinds, motorized shutters, automatic roller, medical equipment, water valves, robotics, remote antenna, military apparatus, vending machine, electric tools, medical devices, robot kits, security locking system, power tools, bill counter, coffee grinder, office & monetary equipment, household appliance, business amd commercial equipment, game machine, automatic door, automatic ticketing system, ice breaker, BBQ & rotisserie grill, industrial automation, paper dispenser, water dispenser and etc. .

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  • Medical device - Hennkwell DC gear motors can be used in medical devices.
    Medical device

    For medical device in need of the function of spinning or open and close or up and down, Hennkwell offers the voltage range 6VDC, 12VDC and 24VDC with diameter 22mm, 32mm, 36mm and 43mm dc gear motors for diversity medical equipment requirement such as blood test device, bio lab analyzer, pharmacy automation and so on.We can also offer customized dc planetary gearmotor for your specific design.

  • Monetary & office equipment - Hennkwell DC geared motors can be applied in monetary & office equipment.
    Monetary & office equipment

    Our dc miniature geared motors are manufactured in a verity of motor speed and gear ratio for various monetary & office equipment options such as ATM, bill counters, receipt printer, currency machine, document handling device to meet with customers' needs.

  • Business and commercial equipment - DC reduction motors for business and commercial equipment.
    Business and commercial equipment

    Hennkwell offers suitable small dc gearmotors for your automatic vending machine, ticket venders, bill counters, coin counters, money exchangers, currency machine, coin-operating machine needs.

  • Electric venetian blinds, automatic curtains/roller and projector screen - DC gear motor manufacturer
    Electric venetian blinds, automatic curtains/roller and projector screen

    Our R&D expertise helps you find the right small dc gearmotors for your window treatments such as automation curtains, automatic roller, motorized shutters/shades, blinds, projector screen and POP display applications.

  • Household automation equipment - Big torque low rpm dc planetary gear motor
    Household automation equipment

    Hennkwell provides over 20 standard sets to fit your coffee grinder, power tools, automatic kitchen cabinet door, rotisserie/BBQ grill, water valves, etc. for your project well with ease.

  • Robotics and automatic instruments - High quality electric dc gear motor
    Robotics and automatic instruments

    Hennkwell produces good value dc gear motors for commercial robotics, educational robots, robotic vacuum and measuring/survey instruments requirements.

  • Amusement/ fitness equipment - High quality electric dc gear motor
    Amusement/ fitness equipment

    Hennkwell dc geared motors have been widely employed in game machine, prize vending machine, amusement instruments, home exercise fitness equipment, magnetic sporting bike and others.

  • Security system and communication equipment - Powerful and high torque planetary geared motor
    Security system and communication equipment

    The reliable dc planetary gear motors manufactured by us is special ideal for your electronic lock systems, access monitor system, parking systems and telecommunication antenna choice.

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