Dia. 22mm DC Coreless Planetary Gear Motor

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Hennkwell's Dia. 22mm DC Coreless Planetary Gear Motor Manufacturing‎

Hennkwell Ind. Co., Ltd. is a Dia. 22mm DC Coreless Planetary Gear Motor manufacturer for mechanical component industry from Taiwan, since 1995. Hennkwell's gear-equipped DC motors can be easily integrated into equipment, which would allow you to design with excellency.

Hennkwell's DC gear motor includes DC planetary gear motors, planetary gear brush motors, brushed motors with reductions, motors with planetary gear boxes, brushed motors with planetary gears, coreless planetary gear motors and BLDC gear motors. And they also offer an extensive selection of custom designed gear motors.

With both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Hennkwell always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Dia. 22mm DC Coreless Planetary Gear Motor

PK22SA Series

Hennkwell DC coreless motors are available in 22mm diameter can assemble with our dia.22mm planetary gearbox or encoder to meet most application requirements. Its quick response, higher efficiency, no cogging, low inertia, low noise & vibration, longer life features are perfected choice for medical device, small pumps, document handing/dispending equipment, banking and office automation, robotics, security and access and other products.


  • Quick response
  • Higher efficiency
  • No cogging
  • Low inertia
  • Low noise & vibration
  • Longer life
  • Bi-direction
  • Graphite motor brush
  • Planetary gears
  • Motor and gearbox are made in Taiwan
  • CE certificate & RoHs standard


  • Appearance Dimensions: 22 mm diameter, 47.2 mm to 58 mm body length
  • Normal Voltage: 6 VDC, 12VDC, 24 VDC
  • Typical Applications: medical equipment, window shade automatic operators, ticket printing/ dispensing, coin counters, ATM machine cash dispensers, water valves, robot kits and various motorized appliances

Product ID: PK22SA Series

Appearance Dimensions

PK22SA Appearance Dimensions

Specifications of DC Gear Motor

ModelRated VoltageReduction Ratio1/41/161/191/621/841/1041/2311/2701/3161/3701/455
06506VRated Torque (kg-cm)
Rated Speed (rpm)9802602257050402016141211
Rated Current (A)0.350.350.350.350.350.350.350.350.350.350.35
026012VRated Torque (kg-cm)0.150.450.551.452.
Rated Speed (rpm)11753132688360502219161512
Rated Current (A)
095024VRated Torque (kg-cm)0.10.350.
Rated Speed (rpm)975260222705040181614129.8
Rated Current (A)

Specifications of Gearbox

Reduction Ratio1/41/161/191/621/841/1041/2311/2701/3161/3701/455
Gearbox Length (L)14.217.817.821.421.421.42525252525
Rated Torque (kg-cm)1.53344466666
Max. Momentary Torque (kg-cm)3668881212121212
Efficiency (%)8070706060605050505050
Radial Play of Shaft (mm)
Thrust Play of Shaft (mm)
Output Shaft Axial Load (kg)
Output Shaft Radial Load (kg)1.501.501.501.501.501.501.501.501.501.501.50

1. The specifications may be changed or updated without prior notice according to our product improvement.
2. The customized specifications or install magnetic encoder would be available.

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